Letters From Venus

        Emerged from a profound question: “What does home mean to you?” and manifested itself in an inclusive space and online publication to feature and celebrate untold stories of humans, creatives, makers, and thinkers living abroad and the cultures embracing them.

By thriving on the arts of cultural exchange, we’ve set ourselves to connect, inspire and find a deeper meaning of home.

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        You live abroad and want to tell your story, express your thoughts, and reflections on your experience? We're all ears!

Write us a letter with a brief intro, and we'll take it from there.


        We are open for new ways of collaborating with communities, artists, designers, editors, brands, and all the beautiful minds who believe in the topics we care about: belonging, diversity, inclusion, identity, home, and intimacy,

Feel free to write us a letter with your suggestion.


        We always credit the owners of images and artworks that we feature, however, if you would like to have your work removed, please reach out to us.

Team & Contributions

        Founded in 2020 by Mikha Makhoul, human, visual artist, and designer at Porsche. Originally from Beirut, Lebanon — Mikha has been living abroad since 2013, where he currently moves between Berlin and Cologne, Germany. He is the editor and creative director of LFV.



        Publishing 4 issues a year, each issue revolves around one topic that we believe humanly and culturally is worth exploring. The theme will be portrayed through personal stories told by people from all over the world.



        Abundance encourages curation. We live in an age of information, but finding cool things is getting harder with the influx of content. Elsewhere is our curated selection of treasure finds, updating on Tuesdays.


Community F.A.M

        Through virtual, and physical happenings we aspire to connect like minded people from different corners of the world. We believe in the power of Food, Art and Music to bring us closer one connection at a time.


Thriving on the arts of cultural exchange.

LFV is an inclusive online space celebrating humans living abroad and the cultures embracing them; by featuring personal stories that shed light on their journey and experiences.

We’re on a mission to find a deeper meaning of home!

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