Interview MIKHA M.
Date MARCH 2021

      Human, designer and co-founder of design agency index.studio, Xavier grew up in France and he is currently living and working in Barcelona, reflecting on his one year experience during the pandemic.

      “Home is where the combination between weather, history, way of living and people speak to my soul - where the connection co-exist.”

      “Entering a group of local friends is quite challenging. Spanish people are amazing, nice and easy going, yet they have a really “family connected” way of life and they already have their friend’s circle established.”

      “As a web designer, my work is mostly online, so my inspiration comes mainly from internet. But the whole vibe in Barcelona truly nourishes me when I’m off, so it does participate a lot in giving me energy for boosting my creativity.”

      X: When I landed in Barcelona, I was in a pretty dense personal storm. I left New Caledonia, where I lived for almost 4 years, to settle in a barely unknown city — I only visited the capital of Catalonia twice, each time for a weekend-long and not much. For some reason, I felt home immediately. For years I felt a strong connection with Barcelona, without knowing why exactly, but since day one I knew it’s the city where I want to live in and root. I knew a bit of Spanish, and I love the language, so that part was not especially the rough one. But the lockdown and the inherent lack of connection with people cut my energy off for months.

“Because the real home, where you have to feel love and comfort, for how cliché it sounds, is your heart”

Now that a year has passed, I learned that when you feel ok with yourself, when you feel aligned with what you really want and you really need, whatever trials life bring you, you will be able to face them. Because the real home, where you have to feel love and comfort, for how cliché it sounds, is your heart. Then, and only then, you’ll know when and if you are in the right place, the right city, the right country… and it’s an everyday challenge and journey.


Barcelona © Xavier Bourdil


Barcelona © Xavier Bourdil


Barcelona © Xavier Bourdil

Any advice for someone moving abroad?

      X: Try your best to meet local people and embrace their culture, eventually you'll feel integrated and immersed just like at home.

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